Washing machine repair

Including all brands and types of washing machines in Dubai, qualified and experienced appliance technicians at MUJ Technical Service provides expert washing machine repair services. We consider every piece of client feedback, which enables us to stay committed to providing excellent services.

Although our technicians carry a large variety of replacement parts, a few items are model- and focus on making and require special ordering. Our pricing does not cover the cost of any necessary spare components. Even just a solution can address issues.


Our timely and trustworthy repair services

Any appliance that has quit operating doesn’t necessarily require it has finished its task. It’s true regardless of the company. If customer contacts professionals, most repairs can be completed swiftly, affordably, and according to the best standard.

If customers contact experts, most repairs can be completed per your choices and according to the best standard.

 You can ask a professional to tour your home to check on your washing machine and receive assistance and guidance with a single call.

If you didn’t realize it became an expense to have a repair made, reconsider; you might not be telling the whole story.

Our professionals are successfully fixing many of the domestic appliances that are in working order currently. In either brand or model, excessive use can result in broken or damaged items that seem simple to repair.

Making durable repairs

Each of the Dubai experts has completed dozens of washing machine repairs of varying degrees of complexity. Our trained employees will fix your machine fix securely and effectively.

Repairing any brand's machines

MUJ Technical service has good services for Samsung washing machine repair, and Bosch washing machine repair. Our technicians are skillfully providing services for various washing machine brands. A professional can easily handle even the most challenging washing machine devices. The professionals bring all the necessary tools for the job and have almost all the spare parts. Supply of any component and transportation charges not added.


Common problems with Washing machines

Regardless of the problem, MUJ Technical Service can typically fix the washing machine right away. To bring your washing machine back in operation as quickly as possible, we have a fully equipped store with help improvements. We also have a large assortment of spares in our network of vans.

Due to the individual nature of each device, there is a virtually infinite amount of possible errors. But as a company that performs several repairs per week, we are aware of issues that happen more frequently than most.

Whether you live in the country in Dubai or elsewhere your washing machine may experience problems. Below are a few examples of typical mistakes:

  • Not rotating
  • Depleting
  • Not turning on 
  • Not filling with water
  • Not entering its final cycles
  • Blocking in the middle of a cycle
  • Displaying a security door
  • Leakages
  • Not warming the water
  • Causing small holes in your apparel
  • Improperly washing clothes
  • Not trying to take washing powder
  • Not begin the process
  • Disclosing a failure code 
  • Being extremely noisy 
  • Rattling and vibrating
  • Overfilling
  • Short circuits

MUJ Technical Service provides excellent repair service in Dubai. Our expert technicians can help to fix your washing machine. If your washing is not in order, you can contact us to call our washing machine repair professional. If your washing machine is leaking, MUJ’s technical washing machine repair service helps you with maintenance.

Our washing machine repair team

Our expert technicians not only locate the issue but also advise the customer on how to maintain appliances for a long time. You can contact us to receive our skilled appliance repair and maintenance services.

Whether the clients require a washing machine fixed or maintained can take advantage of our managed services for their washing machine.

Preventing overburdening the machine beyond its limit, proper washing, balancing, and regular maintenance can help to improve the washing machine’s life span. If a user ignores it, the washing machine and your budget may suffer.

The lifecycle of a high-quality washing machine is typically approximately 11 years; after that, customers may want to replace or fix it.