Pest control

MUJ technical service is concerned about the safety of your children & loved ones. If you are suffering from sleepless nights, you may need the advice of one of our experts. MUJ technical service is Dubai municipality-approved pest Control Company in Dubai. We offer high-quality pest control Services to residential, industrial & commercial customers.

Our team has excellent knowledge of common pests in Dubai. We are committed to environmental protection & use pest control agents during our extermination process. Our motive is to make Dubai pest free.

Pest control in Dubai

Our company offers you all services of pest control in Dubai to make you secure from pests. There is a number of insects in your place that can make you uncomfortable. People want to get rid of pests including; cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, termite rats rodents, mosquitos, etc.


Pest management is necessary to avoid diseases and viruses caused by pests. To avoid pest disasters we provide pest control cleaning services also.

Service targets

Ready to provide commercial and residential services, including; homes, flats, apartments, malls, and other commercial markets. Our company provides large scale services all over Dubai.

Pest control

How to protect your home from pests

To protect your home or any other place from pests, make it clean and use our services to do the protective work. we offer services of all kinds of pest control. Make sure that there is no a child or pet in the home during the whole process.

Why choose us

It’s the best team in Dubai to handle any task of controlling pests. We use organic products which didn’t cause any harm to the environment. Our expertise is in bed bugs control, rodents control, termites control, ant control, and bed bugs and cockroaches’ control.

Customized services

We have a team of professionals who are familiar with all kinds of pest infestation normally happening in household & commercial apartments in Dubai. Be it a general pest or

·        Bed Bugs

·        Cockroaches

·        Ants

·        Mosquitoes

·        Termite Rat

·        Mice

·        Rodents

We have high-quality services for our customers.

Pests to control

Cost effective services

When you get in touch for a service with us, we make sure our plans are your budget accordingly. We offer the best pest control deals in Dubai & our prices are one of the lowest compared to the industry. Not only that, we provide complete peace of mind to the clients by offering after-sale service checks without any extra charges.

Environmentally safe

key focus of our company is to use environmentally friendly products to make our city Dubai an international city. We are aware of chemical product harm to the environment. That is why we use organic products to control pests and these products are 100% effective and environment friendly.

Hire us

There are several ways to hire us. you can hire us online or visit our office, we are available for providing you with any type of pest control services.

Our charges

We charge affordable price and the cost depends on the work, but we charge the amount according to the work and area.

24/7 service in Dubai

Our team offers a 24-hour extermination service. We understand the pest problems, the working class people in Dubai face, here we are to solve your problems.

100% Satisfaction

MUJ technical service is one of Dubai municipality-approved pest control service providers. Honored to hold the record of hundred percent customer satisfaction by giving peace of mind through our quality work.


We are providing services to control the pests for a number of years. we have a team of professionals to handle any task related to pest control.