Electrical services in Dubai

MUJ technical is offering all the electrical services in Dubai; our team has expertise in the services offered. Our company deals with all the electrical services including; commercial electrical services, home electrical services and many other electrical services.

We are not only providing services of maintenance and repairing but also providing the services of electrical installations from the best electricians in Dubai. Our company is providing electrician services for home, apartments, commercials and the other relevant places in Dubai.

Electrical repair services

It is easy to find someone for electrical repair, but it’s a blessing if you find an expert for electrical services, and our team is best for electrical repair in Dubai. Our team of electricians can fix and repair the electrical damages of the commercial buildings

Now you don’t need to worry about emergency solution of your problem because we provide emergency electrical services in all over Dubai.

Problem Detection

Solving a problem is not a big deal, because almost all the electricians can solve the problems. the main thing is to detect the problem, which most of the electricians can’t do but our team of electricians is capable to detect the problem with more than 10 years of experience

There are a few tasks, which are risky to do. The electricians are afraid of doing risky tasks but our team is always ready to do any task because we provide them all safety equipment’s so they can give the electrical services with full dedication.

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Why You Choose Our Electrical Services in Dubai

MUJ technical services is one of the best companies in Dubai, if you want to hire an electrician, choose us for quality electric work. We have a team of trustworthy, experts and professional electricians. Our company has all those qualities which a customer requires.

Save Electricity

You can have issue of water getting in to the wiring due to the water leakage, our team can fix the pipe properly and stop the leakage to save from the electrical disaster.

Low Cost

Our team can find best solution of the problem which may reduce the cost to the affordable price.

Time Efficient

We assure you timely arrival of our team and to complete the plumbing service task within the given time because our team is professionally capable.

100% Satisfaction

We have a registered business in Dubai, and have a team of professional plumbers with years of experience. 

What kind of Electrical Services we are Provding?

Our charges are affordable and reasonable. Our pricing depends on the working time and the task given by the customer; we don’t charge extra money from the customer.

  • Domestic electrition
  • Commercial electrition
  • Emergency electrition
  • Trouble shooting
  • Electrical upgrading
  • Led light installlation
  • Electrical circuits
  • Garden and Pool lights

Load balancing

It is necessary to balance the load, while installing a new service panel, wiring or circuits. Service panel is the breaker box. In simple words, an electrical service panel has two sides, and balancing the load is just a question of evenly distributing the circuits between the two sides.

The load, or power draw, is about equal on both sides, which is the necessary thing. When the load is not equal or balanced, it may cause damages. To avoid the damages we have to take care of load.

Electrical issues troubleshooting

Lightning strikes, power line damage, failed appliances, and poor electrical wiring in the home can all create electrical surges. While a surge lasts only a fraction of a second, numerous surges can cause damage to the electrical components in your home, at a higher level limiting their lifespan.

Electrical inspection

We should check home’s electrical system on a regular basis to avert any variety of dangerous electrical damages in a timely manner. Checking the system on regular basis is necessary to avoid mishaps. It is the best way to avoid the cost, which you was not expecting. We can also face the damaging of different electric items, short circuit can also be happened by a small issue. Electrical issues are sensitive can be a threat for life or wealth.

Our Latest Service

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Best Electrical Maintenance Company

 Regular electrical maintenance is vital for keeping all electrical materials, fittings, appliances, and devices in and around your home in good working order. Maintenance improves the smooth operation of all electricity powered appliances in your home. We are going to ensure a safe atmosphere free of potential threats.

Working territory

MUJ technical services provide services all over Dubai. Our services are not only for a specific area of Dubai but our team of electricians is ready to work in any area of Dubai.

Working status

Our team can solve all the electrical problems. We are one of those companies, which are known for their highest standard, we are one of the best electrical contractors in Dubai, having a team of professionals.