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Home Appliance Repair Dubai

Are you looking for a home appliance repair service? MUJ technical services provide all home appliance repairs having; ac repair, washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, microwave oven repair, and many other repairing and maintenance services. We are here to provide you services of a home appliance repair Dubai. Don’t worry about home appliance repair services because we have a team of experts for home appliance repair & services.
we provide installation services for all the brands and models of freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens, electric ovens, condenser dryers, washing machines refrigerators, and many other kitchen appliances.

Our Company

MUJ technical services are a service provider company in Dubai that specializes in appliance repair and maintenance. We are here to help you with highly professional and expert technicians. Maturity, curiosity, and dedication distinguish us. We provide a daily job list, and the technicians select the job site and bring the tools and experience necessary to complete the job within the time period we begin.

Our company is recognized in the home appliance brands. some major brands contact us to resolve home appliance difficulties. we provide all repair and installation services.
Our helpful skilled workers will serve customers with their skills and experience, providing you the comfort of assurance that your appliance repair will be completed quickly and accurately. 

We supply a large variety of accessories (Which we guarantee). Mostly in the unusual cases where people do not have a suitable alternative item in store, we can typically acquire particular parts for next-day delivery due to our outstanding supply chain.

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What sets us apart from other companies?

Besides our service standards, unbeatable rates, and charming demeanor, we guarantee the following:

  • Our technicians are licensed, qualified, and experts in their field.
  • We offer upfront pricing and waive the service fee with any repairs.
  • We offer a complete warranty on all parts and services.
  • We’re courteous, informed, and have years of experience solving all appliance problems.
  • Our technicians are licensed, qualified, and experts in their field.
  • We offer upfront pricing and waive the service fee with any repairs.

Freezers and Refrigerators

If there is an issue with someone’s freezer contact MUJ technical services.

While we have a lot of experience in refrigerator repair services, working with older (and recent) hold freezing machines sometimes needs specialized expertise. A freezer that may not be maintaining your meals fresh or is starting to leak may need a quick phone call out just to guarantee no damage is done to your ground or residence.

Our home appliance repair service in Dubai also includes fridge repair. With all varieties of freezer maintenance, we use a broad range of companies.


If you have a microwave that is not operating properly, MUJ technical services will provide customers with a highly skilled technician to detect and fix the problem within the same tour.

Microwave ovens of many companies are accessible. Our technicians are skilled in all models, therefore a microwave repair will just be handled as soon as feasible. People would like to know that their microwaves are not just to operate but also suitable to operate in a family setting. That is also our policy.

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Electric Oven Repairs

An electrical oven is needed for every mealtime if you’re serving an individual or a complete family. Users realize how difficult it could be because your electrical oven needs to be fixed, that’s why we’re willing to travel out just as soon as possible to assess the issue and fix it.
If the difficulty is with the functional units, timer, heaters, or fan, the team of highly skilled experts has years of expertise in electrical oven maintenance, which means we can now get you back to normal within the hour.
Repairing is less expensive than removing, so experts at MUJ technical services focus on keeping your electric oven operating at its best capacity for several years ahead.

Condenser Dryer Repair

It is not a ‘better time’ for the condensing dryers to decompose; we recognize the importance of the issue, so we will send an expert to your home as soon as possible to detect the issue and fix it all in a single tour.
The condenser dryers are particularly useful because it does not need to get a tube or connection to remove wet air; automatically, it removes liquid from moisture in the air using a gathering box or motor. This is another reason condenser dryer maintenance is so prevalent.
At MUJ Technical services our experts are pretty well, and our automobiles are fully loaded with spares to just get customers back up and running as fast as necessary.

Washing Machine Repair

Our team of professionals is expert enough to fix any washing machine repair. There are many problems faced by people due to any mechanical or technical fault in the washing machine. Our team is able to fix any washing machine repair problem.
Our washing machine services are long-lasting. We can fix the spinning, blockage, draining, pipe leakage, broken pipe, motor, or any other problem.

Air Conditioner Repair

Our employees have a lot of knowledge and experience in air conditioner repair. We had already performed a number of air conditioning repair tasks in Dubai.

Dishwasher Repair

We offer dishwasher repair services, it’s a need of every individual. Our professionals can handle any dishwasher repair job easily because they have experience of years.

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